GE Zoneline

Higher efficiency, more power, low noise, and updated appearance. What's not to like. Now built at Appliance Park in Louisville, KY.

Applied Comfort

Legacy replacement PTACs for many brands like Singer, Remington, McQuay, Islandaire, Retroaire, and many others.

McQuay Parts

We handle parts for the full line of McQuay equipment, including rooftops, chillers, water source heat pumps, PTACs, unit ventilators, etc.

Amana PTACs

Amana Digismart PTAC units and parts for hotels, motels, nursing homes, and other commercial applications.

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42" PTAC Units

We offer GE and Amana for both new construction and replacement of 42" PTAC units.

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Replacement PTAC Units

We offer replacements for McQuay, Zoneaire, Singer, Remington, Climatemaster and other non-standard sized PTAC units

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Vertical PTAC Units

We offer the GE vertical PTAC for both new construction and replacement applications.

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We carry parts for all of our PTAC lines, as well as the entire Daikin/McQuay parts offering.