Applied Comfort Replacement PTACs

Applied Comfort manufactures a complete line of PTAC units to replace older obsolete models by various manufacturers. These units are designed to be exact replacements with no modifications to the wall opening.

Applied Comfort 16

The 16 is designed as a replacement for the following units:

  • AAF Series 16
  • AAF Enersver
  • Islandaire EZ 16
  • McQuay AAF ENR, PNES
  • Nelsonaire Series 16
  • Retroaire RC10
  • Simon-Aire SS16

16 Specs

Applied Comfort DMQdmq unit

The DMQ is a direct replacement for these units:

  • Keeprite AP, Climette CSM
  • Applied Comfort DMA, CSMA, CSMB
  • Islandaire DM, EZ Series CS
  • Carrier Wallmate 51P
  • Keeprite Seasonall DM
  • McQuay TPW
  • Zoneaire CSM, CHP
  • Retroaire RC30, RH30

DM Brochure

Applied Comfort EA

The EA is a replacement for the following units:

  • Islandaire ED
  • Retroaire RC35, R35
  • Simon-Aire SSEA
  • Coldpoint EA
  • Ice Air RSEA
  • Most other 44″ PTAC units

EA Specs

Applied Comfort Kk ptac

The K PTAC is designed to replace these units:

  • Islandaire KF
  • Singer/Remington K
  • Retroaire RC/RH60

K Specs

 Applied Comfort NYNY ptac

The NY is a replacement for several models, including:

  • McQuay N/NE/NH/PDAN
  • Singer N/NE/NH
  • Islandaire NE
  • Evergreen HKS
  • Climatemaster PTH

NY Specs

Applied Comfort SC

The SC is a replacement for the following:

Applied Comfort SC PTAC

  • Zoneaire SC/RM/SEA/SHA
  • Retroaire RC/RH20
  • Islandaire RM
  • Zoneaire New York RM
  • TPI Ramatic
  • Sears 867
  • Embassy Weathertwin

SC Specs

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