GE Zoneline PTAC

The ZonelineGE Zoneline

The GE Zoneline is the industry standard in PTAC units. It has been around in the same size configuration since 1961. GE Zonelines are suited to a variety of commercial and residential applications, and are a cost effective way to heat or cool a space.

4500 Series

The 4500 series are cooling with electric strip heat. These units are available in 208/230 or 265 volts, with cooling capacities of 7, 9, 12, and 15 thousand BTU, and electric strip heat up to 5 KW.

6500 Series

The 6500 series are heat pumps, and are more efficient than the 4500 series in heat mode. The 6500 models are available in the same voltage and cooling BTU as the 4500 series.

Make Up Air Unit

The make up air unit is designed primarily for new construction, to eliminate the need for a rooftop makeup air unit. The make up air unit has a de-humidification module added to condition outside air that is brought in.

Built in Louisville, KY

Beginning in 2016, the GE Zoneline units are being built at Appliance Park in Louisville, KY. Appliance Park is a 1000 acre manufacturing facility in operation since the early 1950’s.

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