McQuay Water Source Heat Pump Replacements

Horizontal WSHP

Horizontal Water Source Heat Pumps

Horizontal units are available from 7000 to 60000 BTU, RH or LH return, and field configurable for straight or end discharge. 208/320/60/1, 208/230/60/3, 265/60/1, and 460/60/3 voltages available.

Vertical WSHP

Vertical Water Source Heat Pumps

Compact vertical units are available from 12000 to 30000 BTU. 208/230/60/1. Other sizes and configurations available as well

Console WSHP

Console Water Source Heat Pump

Console WSHP units are available in 12000 BTU, 208/230/60/1, right or left hand piping. Other sizes and configurations available as well.

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